Care giving For Seniors that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis in Temple City

What is Multiple Sclerosis ?

For those that do not know Multiple Sclerosis  (MS) is a disease that disables the central nervous system and can disrupt the information between the brain and the body. It is said that fever, sun exposure, and stress cause or worse attacks that occur from multiple sclerosis. Someone that has multiple sclerosis can have symptoms such as numbness of the legs, trouble with their vision, fatigue, dizziness, problems with bowel and trouble with bladder function. Since symptoms come and go, someone diagnosed with multiple sclerosis should get everyday assistance.

If you are looking for caregivers who can assist with multiple sclerosis assistance, A-1 Home care can help. A-1 Home Care has many Caregivers that can assist in Personal Services such as bathing, grooming, feeding and can even keep one company through our Company Services. Our company offers In-Home Care at your convenience and we serve the cities of Temple City, San Marino, Pasadena, Arcadia, Duarte, and other cities in Los Angeles County.

Call (626) 287-0250 for more information regarding Multiple Sclerosis Care near Temple city or visit A-1 Home Care today. Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter!

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