Staying Safe in the Summer Sun

This time of year the sun is out, the beach is calling and the temperatures are rising.  While most may be out relaxing and basking in the warmer weather, for the elderly this can be a dangerous time of the year if safety measures are not taken.  A-1 Home Care encourages fun in the sun and being cautious as well.  If you are going to be spending some quality time in the outdoors this season, seniors, caregivers and family members alike would benefit from taking precaution and being safe in the sun

To say drinking water is important would be quite the understatement.  With the weather being what it is this time of year, it is important now more than ever to make sure you are staying properly hydrated.  Many of us do not consume the amount of water we need daily so now is the perfect time to set some good drinking habits!  As we get older, our body’s natural ability to retain water becomes inhibited-so drink water often and bring extra bottles for long drives or extended time spent outdoors.

Keep in contact-for some Senior citizens, unsafely high temperatures can be very dangerous.  Practice regular communication with your older loved ones and let them know you’re thinking about them.  Checking in and reassuring them their health is important can create ease and peace of mind for both of you.  The elderly should also advise friends and family if they will be spending extensive time outdoors, even if it is only tending to the yard.

Dress the part-no matter your age, it is very beneficial to wear the appropriate protection for summer.  Lighter materials such as cotton are known to breathe easier.  Light colored clothing is said to attract less heat.  Seniors especially need to make the time to wear sunscreen when the temperatures are rising.  Hats and sunglasses are doubly important this time of year also.  With eye sight loss being common place amongst the Elderly, over exposure the sun and it’s rays can be bothersome to the eyes and damage vision.

If your loved one needs someone around during this time of year for companionship and safety, it sounds like it’s time to call A-1 Home Care.  Established in 1991, A-1 is the home care provider of Temple City and surround communities.  Our caregiver presence has extended through Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County as well.  Our diverse, compassionate and experienced team of expert caregivers will help your loved one with everything from getting up and ready for the day, preparing delicious and nutritious meals, making trips to pharmacy-even pet care!  Give us a call today at (626) 287-0250 or (562) 929-8400 to learn more.

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